My first game! (Be gentle)

So I have combined my fascination with space and asteroids into a vertical scrolling game of "dodge that rock or die!".

Actually, I first started this as a little Torque2D side project years ago, called "HotWired" it was pretty basic and had quite primitive dynamics. Quite some time later I built an HTML5 analogue to that game (some day I'll upload it, but it's _very_ primitive).

I switched to straight-up Java and OpenGL, and had great fun learning about stencil buffers and fragment vs vertex shaders.

Future News

"A youth was neutralized this evening when a neighborhood drone mistook him for an invading enemy fighter jet. While the chief of police refused to comment on the matter, social networks have again been ablaze with rumours that Dr Smith Jones, who directed the initial development phases of the project, had warned the relevant authorities on multiple occasions that the drone software is, quote, unstable and poorly tested, unquote. Others say that the incident is related to the all-pervasive hacker group Anonymous who are yet to make an official comment on the issue."

MH370 Timeline

Edit: Until we actually know what happened, I'm going to leave this one to rest. Once there's a solid chain of known events for the flight, I'll update it.

Unwinding and sorting the various pieces of information surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

Note that all times are in UTC. Kuala Lumpur is UTC+8 hours, if that helps.

What will become of the Internet?

Humans are driven and respond viscerally to the universe, each life experiencing and influencing in its own unique way. The fleeting moments of time that make up the day to day often fade into obscurity, until eventually after enough time has passed they disappear from history as the people who housed memories of those moments cease to be.

Für River? To the other side of the Moon...

Freebird Game's "To the Moon" has been lauded many times over for the engaging story. Despite it's pixelated cartoony graphics it's well known for making grown men cry. If you haven't played it yet, please do yourself a favor and give it a go. It's cheap & deep, but once you've read spoilers there's no going back.